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On a mission to create a community for millions of parents-to-be

Includes a very wide knowledge section, weekly training videos, pregnancy tracker, user stories/experiences and much more.

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Training videos

Training videos

Every week you will get five tailor made training videos for that specific pregnancy week. Baby Mam helps you stay healthy and have a functional body during the pregnancy.

Knowledge section

Knowledge section

Be as prepared as possible by reading 100+ articles about training, health, dietary advice, cesarean section, what to bring to the hospital when giving birth, a guide for your partner, other people's birth stories/experiences or, your first week after birth, just to mention a few.

Create your own journey Create your own journey

Create your own journey

Save pictures, write in your diary, choose emojis to record how you feel, answer new questions every week or share your cravings. Make sure to input as much information as you want to make sure you enjoy your pregnancy and to create great memories you will be able to look back on after you give birth.

Pregnancy tracker

Pregnancy tracker

Follow the development of your child, his/her weight or the length comparison to a fruit or vegetable. Valuable information to you as a future mum, your partner, all so you can be as prepared as possible when the time comes.

Ratings & Testimonials

Like it a lot

So far I have liked it a lot. A very mature interface, easy to navigate, with a lot of useful information and a very friendly tone. I am really enjoying using it. (Mavy)

Using it on a daily basis

It is a very good app for all those women who are going to be mothers. I use it during my pregnancy on a daily basis and every week the renewal of exercises has been fantastic. (Alessandra)

Love the way you write

Just want to say that I love the way you write in the app. Not clinical healthcare talk but nice words with feelings. (Carolina)